May 8, 2009

Fat Ahoy !

Hi you fat people. Just wanted to remind you all that you are still fat and still look like crap.


  1. ur goal is crystal clear, Captain....u will definitely reach ur target weight..ur blog will have no purpose then:)
    BUT, u may start a new blog to achieve the in vogue 6 packs!
    pls accept my wishes for ur wife's healthy delivery and a healthy bundle of joy for u both:)

  2. Vinnie - thanks for the first comment to my blog. I see you reciprocated too. :) >O<

    And thanks for the wishes.


  3. hey, saw your blog... i like it. i am currently pretty overweight and trying to lose. would like some advice from you! :)

  4. Hey you ugly asian, just sending you some tough love so you'll change your looks!!

  5. ilfp! i luv fat ppl

  6. you are the most horrible person i have ever met in my entire life. you don't tell people that they look like shit because their fat! and you don't say you hate them! im overweight, and i love my body thank you very much! so screw you fucktard!