May 8, 2009

Three Types of Fat People - Type 1 - "Who me fat?"

I had written in a previous post about the three types of fat people that exist out there. My las few posts have been dealing with the first type. Those either in the blissful unawareness that they are overweight , or in deep denial about that fact. I think we have pretty much established what ideal weight is all about. And the fact that if you don't belong in that chart, then you belong on this blog.

To this type of people, the experts and the self help groups offer simple advice. They reason that over the better part of the century, the mean weight of us humans have gone up. Thus it isn't so bad if you have gained a few pounds here and there. After all we all have. So a fat Somalian is actually a normal Asian and a fat Asian is actually a normal American.

As I said before, Fatness isn't statistical. You are fat. Accept it.


  1. i recently came across your blog while voting on botb and continue to find it to be an entertaining read... i look forward to following your weight-loss progress.


  2. As Scotty i found your blog through botb, made me smile reading your posts, good luck in the battle (you got my vote).


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  4. Hey there

    you have a very cool blog but what comes to this post i was expecting more information instead of just saying accept that "you are fat". A lot of people don't know how to deal with it and obviously they refuse the fact that they are fat. So I suggest maybe you can write a post about how to accept it....