May 6, 2009

Step 1 - Hate yourself

One of the most essential steps in losing weight is to hate yourself. I know all the self help books that you read tell you to love yourself and to realize that "you are fine just the way you are". that may be so, but I believe that one of the factors paramount to change is the realization that things need to change. Unless you realise that you are fat, you will remain fat. Unless you realise that being fat makes you look ugly, you won't try to lose fat. The fact is that you are fat and you look ugly.

Fat people can be essentially divided into three types. We shall talk about that in a later post. Before you put yourself in either of the bracket, you will need to acknowledge that you exist in the fatness catagory. It is an surprisingly hard thing to do. Like an alcoholic who convinces himself that his intake is under control, we convince ourselves that the extra pounds sticking to our waist lines is just something that we can shed anytime. Others, who have tried and failed convince themselves that the flab isn't much.

All it takes is one good look in the mirror. If you are fat, you will look fat. You will look fat to yourself, you will look fat to your neighbour and you will look fat to your dog.


  1. Holy crap, finally someone who makes ME look thin!

  2. I laughed all the way through this. i want to see more

  3. they need to (lose) some (weight)